Our more than 40 years of experience have allowed us to combine different techniques to create a product of quality and distinction. Developing today, works of exceptional beauty, combining the tradition of craftsmanship with new technologies to carry out the custom products with greater efficiency, without sacrificing the quality and personality of the desired design by the customer.

The materials used in our products are German brass sheets, stainless steel, stone cast with 24k gold-plated, 925 silver-plated, brass-plated, nickel-plated, or copper-plated.

We protect all our products with a clear lacquer to prevent metal oxidation and ensure the durability of the finish without having to give any maintenance.

All our products have one year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Our team of designers and artists are continually developing new ideas and new finishes to make each piece a real piece of art. We also offer the service of designing a unique custom piece to satisfy your needs.


Torogoz has talented sculptors who give life to each of the products designed especially for our clients.


In Torogoz, every Religious Statue produced is covered with real premium metal by an electroplating process. There is the option to choose from the following coatings: Brass-plated, Copper-plated, Nickel-plated, 925 Silver-plated, and 24k Gold-Plated.


All our pieces are polished individually and can obtain different finishes like satin, polished, antique, or verdigris patina. Due to the product being handmade, every part is different from each other, giving a touch of beauty to them.


We cover each piece with a clear lacquer that protects the product, allowing it to keep its finish, without the need for maintenance. Our CHURCH GOODS have special protection called ELECTROPHORETIC LACQUER, ensuring the durability of the coating for the continuous use of the piece.

Die Casting

The die casting process in Zamak allows us to offer religious souvenirs with excellent quality and beauty, both in 2D and 3D design.

Photo Etching

The photo etching technique in brass sheets allows us to create fine details for our church goods. The beauty of this technique comes from every product being hand painted, making each one different and unique.

Digital Printing

The coloring of this technique makes it versatile for creating beautiful religious prints in different materials like Glass, Brass, Aluminum, Wood, Acrylic, and more.


The versatility of the sandblasting technique makes it possible to use different materials such as glass, stainless steel, and brass to create original finishes that enhance the beauty of our products.