Privacy Policy

Your privacy is particularly important to Torogoz. For this reason, we have developed a Privacy Policy in which we describe how we collect and use your data. Take a few minutes to know our Privacy Policy and if you need any clarification, please communicate to

Personal data:
Personal data is that which can be used to identify a person or contact her. We may ask you for character data personal when you register at our online store. We use this information to improve our store, as well as to prevent or detect fraud or abuse on our website. Torogoz may share personal data and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You can also combine them with other data to supply and improve our products, services, promotions and / or advertisements.

Treatment of personal data
Torogoz uses personal data as an aid to develop and improve our products, services, and promotions. Occasionally we may use your personal data to send you notifications important, such as purchase confirmation, promotions, events, and modifications of our conditions and policies. You cannot choose not to receive these communications, since They contain important information for your service in the online store. We may also use your personal data for internal purposes, including audits, data analysis and investigations, to improve our products, and services.

Non-Personal Data:
Torogoz can collect data of a non-personal nature, that is, data that does not can be directly associated with a certain person, but which is useful for improve our service to our customers. The type of information collected can be like the following:

  • Time that more users buy online.
  • Location cities of our clients

Processing of Non-Personal Data
We use non-personal data to help us develop and improve our services and promotions. If we combine non-personal data with personal data, the data combined will be treated as personal data if they remain combined.

The Torogoz website, online services, and email messages They can use cookies (among other technologies). We will use the data collected through cookies to improve the customer experience and the general quality of our services.
In addition, we will treat the data collected through cookies as non-personal data personal. However, to the extent that local law considers IP addresses and other similar identifiers such as personal data, we will also treat these identifiers as such. Likewise, when we combine non-personal data with personal data, we will treat the combined data as character data personal for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.
Torogoz uses cookies and other technologies to remember personal data when you use our website and our online store. Our goal in these cases is to provide you with a more comfortable and personal experience. For example, knowing your name We can welcome you when you visit the online store again, knowing that someone has bought a product or used a certain service through your computer helps tailor our promotions and email communications to your interests serving you better.
To disable cookies, consult the provider of your preferred browser. Have in note that some features of the Torogoz website and online store may become unavailable if you disable cookie.

Data Protection:
Torogoz takes both administrative, technical, and physical measures to prevent its personal data is lost, stolen, misused, disclosed, modified, or destroyed or accessed in an unauthorized way.

Data retention:
Torogoz will keep your personal data for a period necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, except that the law requires or allows us to keep them for a longer period.

Disclosure to third parties:
Information regarding our clients is a fundamental part of our business, for therefore Torogoz will never participate in the business of selling it to third parties. We also do not provide personally identifiable information of our clients to any provider or websites.
However, we may be forced to disclose your personal data by legal imperative, in the framework of a judicial procedure and / or by request of an authority or government. We may also disclose information about you if we consider that such disclosure is necessary or convenient for security reasons national, to comply with current legislation or for other important reasons of public order.
We may also disclose customer-related information, if we determine that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions or protect our operations or our users.

Frequent questions:
When does Torogoz collect personal information?
When you buy a product in our online store, Torogoz collects buyer’s personal information.

What type of personal information is collected?
Your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

Why does Torogoz occupy my Personal data?
We use personal data to help us improve our products, services, and promotions. In addition, we may also use your data from personal for internal purposes, including audits, data analysis and investigations, to improve our products and / or services.

Are my personal data protected?
Torogoz has taken administrative and technical measures so that the information of a personal nature is duly protected and is not available to third parties people outside the company.